Pregnancy and more

Why take lessons in pregnancy?

In pregnancy a woman* faces physical stresses on her body, including carrying the growing weight of the foetus, the pressures on her internal organs as the uterus grows (which may cause heartburn and breathlessness) and the loosening of ligaments through the effect of relaxin (which can result in lower back and pelvic girdle pain). Women may also suffer mental stress or worry as they approach motherhood.

A woman’s experience of pregnancy may be enhanced through Alexander Technique lessons. She can learn to recognise physical or mental habits which interfere with her wellbeing. She also learns to identify and apply better alternatives (for example in avoiding becoming excessively lordotic or choosing to avoid habitual negative responses to stress).

I am happy to work with women from the 12th week of pregnancy (or earlier for a woman with experience of the Technique) and I can work with the pregnant woman and her partner in preparing for birth. After the birth, lessons can continue to be beneficial as a woman adapts to life with her baby.


In addition to my Alexander Technique training I have completed Eutokia workshops on several occasions with Ilana Machover (for Alexander Technique teachers working with women in pregnancy and during birth). My first hand experiences of applying the principles of the Alexander Technique in work with pregnant women has been overwhelmingly positive.

I also worked as an antenatal teacher with the NCT for over 10 years, delivering classes to over 750 couples and I have a BA (Hons) in Antenatal Education.

Further reading

The Alexander Technique birth book. Machover, I. Drake,A. & Drake, J. (2006)

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* A note about gender

I have referred to the pregnant person as “woman” in the description above and used the pronouns she/her. I respect other gender identities and recognise that not all pregnant people identify as female. If you are pregnant and identify as male or non-binary I will be guided by you as to the terms and pronouns you would like me to use.