I offer lessons in my home in Barnsbury, London, N1.

The Alexander Technique is a taught (and learnt) technique rather than a therapy. This means that over time you should be able to apply what you have learnt in lessons in your everyday life. Lessons are individually tailored to your needs but will usually include:

  • working on identifying any habits which interfere with your optimal physical and mental functioning (including posture and movement);
  • identifying ways to avoid repeating those bad habits; and
  • finding better ways to function.

Ideally you will arrive in comfortable clothing and be willing to work in socks or bare feet.

Part of each lesson is spent lying on a table (similar to a massage table) in semi-supine and I will use this opportunity to help you learn how to practice semi-supine in between lessons. When the weather is good I incorporate walking as this is a great way to apply the Technique to a regular activity.

I enjoy exploring challenges with my clients, whether these arise because of your work environment or leisure or sporting activities.


Lessons are approximately 40 mn. Your first lesson will be 1 hour to give me a chance to find out more about you and what brought you to the Technique.

Cost (of living crisis)

I have decided to keep my prices at the level they were before the pandemic. 

A single lesson is £45, payable in advance (when you book I will give you my bank account details). I offer a course of 5 lessons for £200. If after your first lesson you decide that you would like a course of 5 lessons the balance of £155 is payable before the second lesson.

I offer concessions to students and in cases of financial need.