I offer Eutokia workshops for qualified Alexander Teachers and for students in their third year of training (subject to the approval of their head of training).

Workshops usually run over five consecutive weekdays. We will cover theoretical and practical aspects of applying the Technique to work with women in pregnancy and as well as preparing women and their partners for birth and postnatal life.

If you have a group of teachers in your area who are interested in holding a workshop, please get in touch to discuss options.


In addition to my Alexander Technique training I have completed Eutokia workshops on several occasions with Ilana Machover (for Alexander Technique teachers working with women in pregnancy and during birth). My first hand experiences of applying the principles of the Alexander Technique in work with pregnant women has been overwhelmingly positive.

I also worked as an antenatal teacher with the NCT for over 10 years, delivering classes to over 750 couples and I have a BA (Hons) in Antenatal Education.

The next workshop will be in the Summer break of 2019. Date and location will be advertised here in September 2018

Please e-mail me if you would like more information.