Art of Running

Whether you are seeking a personal best, wanting to run with less risk of injury or simply want to enjoy your running more the Art of Running has something to offer you. By applying the principles of the Alexander Technique to running you will learn to explore how you run and ways to improve your running so that it is less effortful, more efficient and more fun.

I suggest starting with a course of three lessons:

  • the first lesson will include a brief warm up and run (which I will video record). We will then analyse the video together and I will give you a theoretical and practical introduction to some of the principles of the Technique;
  • the second lesson will involve more running, incorporating different elements, warm up exercises, drills, addressing any aspects identified in the initial video. Between lessons 2 and 3 you should have a chance to practice and incorporate what you have learned to your running; and
  • in lesson 3 we will start with a warm up, a reminder of the learning from lesson 2 and another video recorded run. The rest of lesson 3 can be guided by your needs or any issues identified in the video.

A course of three lessons costs £120. All individual lessons are £45 (first lesson is 1 hour, subsequent lessons approximately 40mn). Contact me for group rates.


In addition to my Alexander Technique training I completed Malcolm Balk’s Art of Running Certification in 2017 and I regularly attend workshops with Malcolm.

Further information

Malcolm Balk is the founder of Art of Running. His website is here

Malcolm has co-authored two books with Andrew Shields: Master the Art of Running and Master the Art of Working Out.

Personal Experience

Jack n Jill 2016 (2)
A flat bit on the Jack & Jill

I came to running later in life (at school I always found ways to avoid doing the full two loops of the cross country course). It has been a tale of “fits and starts” but with some highlights too (London Marathon in 2012 and the Jack & Jill Challenge in 2016 being my favourite events). Like many recreational runners I have struggled with maintaining my motivation and this is a work in progress. As a result,  I particularly enjoy working with clients who are new to running or returning to running after a period off, whether through injury, pregnancy or “just life”. The Alexander Technique integrates the whole self, mind and body, and I believe that looking at the mental blocks to enjoying activity is as important as looking at our physical form or technique.